Tele-health & Transportation Services


The Round Valley Indian Health Center (Health Center) provides Tele-health service. This service allows patients to visit with specialist physicians that may be hundreds of miles away. Using video conferencing technology, a "real-time" visit with a physician anywhere in the world is possible. The specialist is supplied with the patient's personal health information, i.e. current labs, vital signs, medical history and can then visit with the patient about their care. The specialist will make recommendations that include new ways to improve your care. For a Tele-health appointment you will first need to see your Health Center primary care physician.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Telemedicine

Diabetic Eye Care Screening

Telepsychiatric Services

Transportation - Outreach may provide transportation for the following:

Transportation may be provided if transportation staff and a vehicle is available. Currently, the Transportation Department provides out of town transportation limited to the dialysis time-frame and dependent on the space available in vehicle. Valid referral and authorization from RVIHC, along with 72 hour notice to schedule transportation. Same day and walk-in transportation is not available.

Call for information or appointments - Transportation/Tele-Health (707) 983-6181 Ext. 140

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