Community Outreach

Our vision for Round Valley is a safe, productive and positive environment that promotes health, well-being and positive relationships within families, which can then extend to relationships with the community at large.


What We Do

We understand that your health concerns continue after you leave the clinic and return home. Our Outreach Team is here to help bridge the gap between your medical visit at the Health Center and your needs at home.


Diabetes Case Management

Our Diabetes Education Nurse Mikael Aragon works one on one with each of our diabetes patients to help them understand how to better manage their health.


Community Diabetes Action Council

The Community Diabetes Action Council (CDAC) is  a project of RVIHC’s Outreach Department. The goal of the CDAC is to educate and empower the Round Valley community of diabetes patients to manage their health for the best possible quality of life.


Public Health Services

Our staff works to assess and address community wide health needs. Public Health can include everything from vaccinations to addressing barriers to healthy eating and physical activity, to street medicine and at risk patients. Our staff works to optimize health for everyone in the valley.

Home Visits

The medical staff is available in select cases to make home visits. The goal of home visits is to decrease hospital readmissions and help elders stay safely at home for as long as possible.



Jody Boggs leads our transportation department. Our drivers routinely transport patients to dialysis appointments out of town and are available for in and out of town medically necessary appointments. Call us to see if you qualify for transportation assistance


Outreach may provide transportation for the following:


Community Education

We provide community education at our annual health fair, at community meetings, and in conjunction with the Wellness Center. Let us know if you have a topic you would like us to address.

Tele-Health / Tele-Medicine consultations for are available only with proper referral and by appointment for the following:

Outreach Exercise Groups are regularly throughout the week and meet at several different locations. 

Our Team

The Outreach team is here to help bring our patient services from the clinic out into the community. Our staff is constantly working to improve our skills and to deepen our relationships with the community.

Diabetes Case Management and Community Action Diabetes Council.

Diabetes Case Management Support and Education

Jody Boggs

Transportation, Home Visit Support and Tele-health Coordination



Call for Appointments and Information:

Transportation and Tele-Health (707) 983-6181 Ext. 140

Diabetes Programs Information (707) 983-6181 Ext. 117

Public Health and Home Visits (707) 983-6181 Ext. 117

Office Hours: Monday thru Friday -  8:00 am to 5:00 pm