FitKid / FitTeen Program

This program is temporarily on hold.
FitKid / FitTeen, a program of Community Outreach, is a full school year, weekly classroom curriculum implemented at the Round Valley Elementary School in grades K – 8, by a team from the Round Valley Indian Health Center.  

The lessons focus on hands-on education to teach holistic wellness through healthy diet, physical activity, development of self-esteem and drug and suicide prevention.  The goal is to give
students the knowledge and practice they need to start changing their lifestyle patterns to positively impact their long-term health. 

Each classroom session includes an interactive lesson, an outdoor physical activity and a healthy snack to reinforce the day’s lesson. 

The staff, which includes Dean Meyer, Lucinda Gurrola and Eddie Whipple, has extensive backgrounds in sports, exercise and nutrition.  They bring tremendous enthusiasm and caring into their interactions with the students.