Bike Wednesday

Bike Wednesday is a home-grown after-school program that brings the health benefits of bicycling to our local youth and families.  It is led by Dean Meyer, a former professional road and mountain bike racer, who is currently an active BMX amateur racer. 

Every Wednesday, a large group of kids, ages 5 to 18, gather at the Building Horizons Community Park for repairs, maintenance, bike games, races and training rides.  From these activities together, the kids are learning about caring for their equipment, their environment and each other. 

Riding activities include routes up into the surrounding beautiful foothills of Round Valley along with laps around the recently built bike park/BMX track.  The location and heavy equipment need for the BMX track was graciously provided by
Building Horizons and Indian Housing Authority.

Parents are encouraged to bring their bikes in to learn repair and join their kids for a positive family activity. 

For kids who are interested in competitive riding, Dean is supporting their participation in the regional BMX experience.

Funding for Bike Wednesday is generously provided by a grant through the Special Diabetes Prevention for Indians, the Department of Health & Human Services,  Bikes4Tots and other sources.  Outside funding make it possible to regularly provide new bikes, helmets and equipment for the kids.